Resurrection ( آخرت) an Islamic speech for children on the topic of Resurrection

The day of Resurrection 

الحمد للہ الذی لم یزل ولا یزال والصلاۃ والسلام علی محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم وعلی آلہ وأصحابہ صاحبي الكمال أما بعد: فقد قال اللہ تعالی فی القرآن الحمید وأما الذین سعدوا ففی الجنۃ خالدین فیہا وقال تعالی فأما الذین شقوا ففی النار. 

Distinguished audience! 
      Just now I have recited two Quranic verses before you, its translation goes like that: " that is very easy that those who fortunate, they are in Jannah, who will live in that always, the same those who are unfortunate, they are in the hell. In this colorful universe when a human being open the eyes, then universe starts surrounding from every corner like the well’s frog thinks that: well is his universe, like a half-witted person thinks that he is about to live in this world always and suppose if he will have to die so it will be finished boons will be destroyed, body parts will be fragmented and nothing would be asked from him about this world.
My dear friends!
       But lots of prophets came here and suggested that: "your this visualization is extremely wrong, this universe is an examination hall you have been sent for test, every step of your life will be counted, if inhabitants of this world will do good deeds, will go to the right path",will be guardian of the truth and trust, will spend the whole life according to the order of Allah(SWT) then you will succeed after death, and if inhabitants of this world will walk on the way of insurrection and arrogance, will disobey to order of God and would like to swagger on that land which has been made by Allah (SWT) would like to oppress on his brothers, so one day it will be a time, when he will have to pay his deeds revenge, which has been done by him. That time he will be asked, that you had been given two hands, that you help the only wimp, you had been given two eyes that you can differentiate between right and wrong, you had been given two legs that you go to mosque for worship, you had been given the brain, that you could defeat insidious of delusive powers and raise the voice of truth. Have you done this so?. If you have not done this, remember it this is the fire of hell in which you will be thrown.
Respected friends!
     There are only a few days to stay in this world. Man or woman whoever is king or poor, capitalist or labour, powerful or weak, genius or idiot, one day everyone has to leave this world, here’s gold and silver, wealth and property, land and shop, and buildings nothing will go with you, we have to go leaving everything to such a place where our good deeds will work.
A few money by which we have helped any, few Rak-ats those we have performed sincerely, few sweet words, which we have said to any poor to assure, these things will help us and every particle of this entire world will be useless for us.

the true poetry said by a poet :

ٹك حرص وہواكو چھوڑ میاں مت دیس بدیس پھرے مارا

قزاق اجل كا لوٹے ہے دن رات بجا كر نقارہ

كیابدھیا بھینسا بیل شتركیاگونی پلا سربھارا

سب ٹھاٹھ پڑا رہ جاوے گا جب لاد چلے گا بنجارا

Dear friends!
Death will not reprieve you a second or a minute.
Friends! we should ready for that moment and we should create our asylum where we could live with relax, that place is “Jannah” which will be given after death, and the name of that life after death is resurrection “Akhirah” which will come in the last. If we follow the way of ALLAH then we will be fortunate and if we follow the wrong path then we will be unfortunate and may Allah (SWT) lead us and you towards the right path and may Allah create our asylum in here after in the heaven.


                                                                                                                   وآخر دعوانا أن الحمد للہ رب العالمین

                                   آج بھی ہو جو براہیم سا ایماں پیدا
                                   آگ كر سكتی ہے انداز گلستاں پیدا

TRANSLATED BY: Hamid Akhtar sHerwani