contribution of Muslim scholars in 1947

 contribution of Muslim scholars in 1947
A Huge contribution

 contribution of Muslims scholar in 1947

        It is often told that the first freedom struggle was started against the British in 1857. But it is a rumour and it was spread intentionally.
Although our ancestors and forefathers started a moment in 1757.
       I want to draw your attention to this. Because two hundred years ago Muslims were ruling in India but unfortunatelyBritisher came here for business purpose Although their intention was leer. They entered in India and they despoiled our country totally they gave bribe, they created communal riots and also they made a policy which is known by divide and rule, they spread confusion, they destroyed history, they broke mountain of extortion upon innocent citizens of this country, they hanged our 500 Ulma in Delhi, and 500 in  .they strangled our ulama's and schoolers who were fighting and who were not fighting.
           Even Britisher fired bullet upon Indian people. It was unlawful for human beings.
But our forefathers confronted them to stop their extortion and to free from the strap of slavery. 
Our ancestors opposed them
Like ↴
  • ()Sayyad Ahmad shaheed 
  • (2) Maulana Ismail shaheed
  • (3) Maulana Qasim Nanotvi
  • (4) Hafiz zamin shaheed 
  • (5) maulana Rasheed ahmad gangohi 
  • (6) Hazrat shaikul hind who had  chocked out a plane silken letters .
                 There is a long list of freedom fighters.
           They were fighting even they breathed with relief after getting freed from British slavery.

Some knowledge about our ancestors and forefathers :

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