( رسالت) Prophethood

( رسالت)


  ألحمد للہ رب العالمین والصلوۃ والسلام علی سیدالأنبیاء والمرسلین محمد و‏الہ وأصحابہ أجمعین أمابعد: فقد قال اللہ تبارك وتعالی إنا أرسلناك بالحق بشیراً ونذیراً ; وقال اللہ تبارك وتعالی لقد كان لكم فی رسول اللہ أسوۃ حسنۃ .

       It is a big pleasure for me that all of you have dictated me to say something, I am grateful to you by the heart for giving me a golden chance to speak some words in front of the audience. 
I have recited two verses in front of you.
In the first verse, Allah  (SWT) says :"Indeed we have sent you (Oh Mohammad (peace be upon him) with the truth as a bringer of good tidings and warner" .
In the second verse, Allah (SWT) says: While addressing human that there is a good method in the prophet's life. 
       Recall the ancient era, when the whole world was involved in infidelity and polytheism, Place of God's worship had been marked a base of idols, God'servants were nutating their heads before the foot of thousands of Gods,seekers of true religion did not use to get such a person who can guide them on the right path.
       In such times the God's mercy paid the attraction to the autumn season of religion and legality was passing. And spring season comes, And it comes with the splendour that the whole world became flourishing.     
       The fragrance of true Muslim started spreading in the whole universe, it means the last messenger of the era, faithful leader, an honourable prophet, master of both universe.the prophet Mohammad (SAW) came with complete Shariah in this world.
        Now a highly dignified personality had come to the people of the world, who was giving tidings to the leader of truth and sincerity, and who was giving the warning to the leader of the oppressiveness, infidelity and polytheism from the hell.
        Now such an individual had come in this world who was Noor in the form of human being, who used to live with a human, and used to do all good deeds, who used to marry like the human beings, who played a role in wars, as a commander and clean impurity from hearts by preaching and telling (his self ) except this he was innocent, no one's finger never rise up towards the prophet's character and could not have risen.
        Believer of the right path had got a role model, therefore they reformed their life by keeping this model forward.
Please! come and pray to Allah (SWT) to lead us towards the right path.

وآخر دعوانا أن الحمد للہ رب العالمین